Professor Tony Magana, Academic Neurosurgeon in Ethiopia
Professor Tony Magana, Academic Neurosurgeon in Ethiopia

Online Consultation


Online Video Internet Neurosurgical Consultation to St. Gabriel General Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Professor Tony Magana is now doing two forms of internet consultation. In an agreement with St. Gabriel General Hospital in the Hyualet neighborhood of Addis Ababa on Saturday mornings he is performing internet video consultation with patients from their clinic. Patients need to register before hand and pay the clinic fee. We most often will use Viber on video call to perform the consultation. On the contact page of this website you can see how to contact St. Gabriel General Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


Professor Tony Magana also offers internet consultation via online health inquiry via ICliniq


From a system based in India which requires credit card payment at ICliniq for health issues which are treated by a neurosurgeon. Ask Professor Tony Magana online questions via text questions, telephone, or video link about spinal problems, spinal surgery, brain surgery, and/or peripheral nerve surgery. Telephone consultation and video consultation can be specially arranged by request or during office hours listed on this page. There is a reasonable fee schedule for these services. 


For  neurosurgical online consultations with Professor Tony Magana please include the following information: 

When the complaint started? Was there any accident or injury?
Has it improved or worsened?
What activity makes it worse and what makes it better?
Your age, gender, and any other medical conditions from which you suffer including diabetes mellitus, hypertension, heart disease, etc?
What medicines are you taking currently?
What consultations and medical test have you had for this condition? Please attach any medical records and reports in commonly used forms such as word documents, PDF, and JPG. Please send an image file and not just a radiology report if possible. 

Requests for online consultation with Professor Tony Magana for patients from Africa and the Middle East including Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Djibouti, Somalia, Somaliland, Kenya, and Uganda are welcome. Requests for transfers of patients to Saint Gabriel Hospital in Addis Ababa from other hospitals in Ethiopia or other nations may be handled by the telephone and email information provided in the contact page of this website. 

Online consultation for neurological and spinal problems for expatriates, especially those living in Africa and the Middle East is available with Professor Tony Magana. For online consultation with Professor Tony Magana then try using this direct link to ICliniq



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