Professor Tony Magana, Academic Neurosurgeon in Ethiopia
Professor Tony Magana, Academic Neurosurgeon in Ethiopia


Amharic Video Documentaries

Documentary stories of some of Professor Tony Magana's patients in Ethiopia done by the Ethiopian Broadcasting Service

Subfrontal meningioma video The story of man with large subfrontal meningioma
Trigeminal neuralgia microvascular decompression The story of man with trigeminal neuralgia who undergoes microvascular decompression
Frontal encephalocoel video The story of young boy with frontal encephalocoel has surgery

About Professor Tony Magana's Work in Ethiopia

Recent Scientific Publication

Professor Tony Magana is a member of the Mekelle University Multidisciplinary Research Group on Neural Tube Defects in Tigray. The research group is happy to announce the publications below:

"High burden of neural tubal defects in Tigray,Northern Ethiopia: hospital-based study"PLOS November 2018

Maternal risk factors associated with neural tube defects in Tigray regional state of Ethiopia" in the Brain and Development, July 2018.

Maternal risk factors associated with neural tube defects in Tigray regional state of Ethiopia


Video about Professor Tony in Ethiopia

Dr. Tony Magana You Tube video describes his upbringing in McAllen, Texas, his education and current medical practice in Ethiopia at Ayder Referral Hospital now renamed Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital in Mekelle. In the presentation, Tony talks about the problems of underdevelopment and how it affects child development. The presentation was made by Hearts Helping Hands a group largely made up of his classmates at McAllen High School who are supporting his medical development effort at Ayder Referral Hospital. See us at Hearts Helping Hands on Facebook

Neurosurgery Blog

Professor Tony Magana writes a blog about neurosurgery with information for patients and health care professionals useful in understanding treatment decisions and the causes of neurosurgical disorders. 

Multimedia Presentation

A slide show and internet presentation given by Professor Tony Magana in McAllen, Texas in 2015 about his work in Ethiopia. It is moderated by Associate Professor Daniel Glacier from Texas A&M University, San Antonio, who was a high school classmate.



Professor Tony Magana Clinic in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

A special neurosurgery, peripheral nerve, and spinal clinic for children and adults is held at Saint Gabriel General Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (located in the Hyaulet neighborhood close to Awararis Hotel) almost every Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Neurosurgery Fellowship at Mekelle University

The Neurosurgical Unit of the Department of Surgery at Mekelle University College of Health Sciences in Mekelle, Ethiopia announces a new three year fellowship in neurosurgery for those already trained in general surgery beginning by February 2018.

Requirements for admission

1.Graduation from a recognized medical school
2.Successful completion of specialty training program and holder of specialty certificate in general surgery
3. Age less than 45 years
4.Adequate physical and corrected visual health to perform neurosurgical procedures
5. Must have a practice development support agreement (sponsorship) for the fellowship

Two candidates will be accepted after preadmission interview and examination

Interested parties should contact Professor Tony Magana phone 0923518559 or email

Mekelle University Research Initiative for Spina Bifida

Professor Tony Magana is part of a multidisciplinary research team from the College of Health Sciences at Mekelle University embarking on the the first prospective study on neural tube defects in Ethiopia which will focus on occurrence and factors such as diet, poverty, location, maternal parity and illness, etc. in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. This will be done in partnership with the Tigray Regional Health Bureau.

Health Articles

Professor Tony Magana writes articles for patient education about issues relating to neurosurgery patients to help them understand their condition and make enlightenend decisions. Patients may read the articles on this web page or directly consult with Doctor Tony Magana through the online consultation page on this website. Topics will include neck pain, low back pain, spina bifida, and hydrocephalus. After reading the article a question may be directly asked via text to Professor Tony Magana on the link in the manner prescribed.

Head Injury Guide

Professor Tony Magana has created a head injury management guideline for Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital in the Tigray region of Northern Ethiopia. 

Low Back Pain Guide

Professor Tony Magana has created a Low Back Pain Protocol for the diagnosis and treatment of adults with low back pain not due to immediate trauma for Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital and the Mekelle University College of Health Sciences serving the Tigray region in Northern Ethiopia.



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